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Grayt Hair

The classic styles of a high-bun, a silk press, and soft curly tresses are favorites for the Liz D. Ladies. But these styles don’t always come easy when your to-do list is longer than the length of your hair! So how do you keep a professionally elegant coiffure while on the go? You seek the help of a professional!

We caught up with master cosmetologist Latasha “Tasha” Gray, at our favorite salon SweetRoots Hair Bar, and discussed what drives her passion to help clients and brides achieve “Grayt Hair”!


Liz D.: Tasha, every time we see you, your hair is always in an immaculate style, with every strand perfectly positioned. Have you always taken care of your hair with such precision?

Tasha: As a child I wore micro-braids and always styled my braids in either a twist, French roll, or a bun. It always came easy for me to look at a hairstyle in a photo or on TV, and envision how to execute the style. A teacher once asked me, “Who styles your braids?” She was astonished when I told her I did my own hair. This was the moment that built my confidence, and sparked my passion to pursue a career in hair and cosmetology!

Liz D.: you have been doing this for quite some time! What continues to inspire you?

Tasha: That’s an awesome question! When I style a bride’s hair on one of the most important days of her life, I am providing a service that will boost her confidence and influence her impression of her beauty throughout the remainder of the day. Years later, when she looks back at photos of her wedding day, I want her to still be happy with her look. I want to prove to brides and my clients that hiring a hair stylist for their special events is a wise investment. My involvement in their special day is a continuous inspiration!

Liz D.: And what about your technique? How do you continue to evolve your craft?

Tasha: I am constantly seeking ways to better my technique. I’ve taken mastery classes with Martin Parsons, Camille Friend and Nicoletta Gauci, in order to learn how to finish formal hairstyles. I wish my days were filled with these classes. There is always something new to learn and try.

Liz D.: What advice do you have for brides as they plan their big day?

Tasha: Brides tend to let the bridal party choose their own looks, which can create an inconsistent look in photos. Take time to be decisive, and tell your wedding party what you want their hair, makeup and nails to look like. It’s your day; so don’t be afraid to give direction.

Also discuss your look or looks with a professional, and create a plan to transition into those looks throughout the night. Hair jewelry is a great way to have a second look during your reception, versus changing your entire hairstyle. It will simplify your process and give you “Grayt Hair” on your special day!

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